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SmartWay Certification

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recognized Roadrunner Transportation Systems (RRTS) as a SmartWay Transport Partner. SmartWay Transport is an innovative collaboration between EPA and various industries designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutansmartway-logo.jpgt emissions, and improve energy security. RRTS joined the SmartWay Transport Partnership to show its commitment to promote greater air quality and to assist its owner-operators in making better choices for their businesses and the environment.

The SmartWay program is beneficial for Roadrunner, the drivers, and customers. By encouraging owner-operators to participate in the SmartWay Transport Partnership, RRTS helps them get the information and tools they need to reduce fuel consumption, save money, and make a positive impact on the environment. Additionally, RRTS is providing a valuable service by enabling customers to move product with a SmartWay Transport Carrier Partner.

The EPA has issued RRTS a performance score of 1.25, the highest available, based on the company's superior fuel efficiency and environmental performance. Roadrunner earned this score for utilizing most of the commercially available fuel saving strategies and actively evaluating the latest emerging technologies. As part of RRTS' overall corporate philosophy, the company is dedicated to maintaining this top-rating and continuing to adopt various fuel-efficiency and emission control technologies, policies, and strategies for its fleets that will help Roadrunner, customers and the environment.

In 2004, EPA launched SmartWay — an innovative program and brand that represents environmentally cleaner, more fuel efficient transportation options. In its simplest form, the SmartWay brand identifies products and services that reduce transportation-related emissions. However, the impact of the brand is much greater as the SmartWay brand signifies a partnership among government, business and consumers to protect our environment, reduce fuel consumption, and improve our air quality for future generations. All of EPA SmartWay transportation programs result in significant, measurable air quality and/or greenhouse gas improvements while maintaining or improving current levels of other emissions and/or pollutants.

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